The place took its name after the onetime castle farm. Its history goes back to the Middle Ages when it was part of the feudal estate belonging to the Count of Gorizia. The long centuries viewed its owners change hands. Even the emperor Maximilian I himself allocated the estate together with the small castle and serfs at Nozno to a familly of famous lieges from Orsone. Lastly, the farm was owned by the counts Thurn Taxis(della Torre) who still in the previous century held the jurisdiction power in this region. And it was right here that the borderline between the Venetian Republic and the Austrian Archdukedom changed constantly untill 1866. Regardless the ownership, the estate was always prosperous. The inhabitants of the farm werw baptised, got married and worked diligently here all the time.

Nowdays our farm extends over the whole of Pristavo and is informally referred to as »pri Čargovih«(At Čarga`s). In fact, in the 17 and 18th centuries the »main« count`s housekeeper(pristav-adjunct; qualified clerk) at Pristavo was a man named Čarga.

At Čarga`s everything turns around the year 1767. This is the date when the name Čarga was already recorded in the parish register which points to the long tradition of our family at Pristavo where we have continued the tradition of wine-growing and wine-production without interruption over centuries.

The record, originally written in Latin, says:
»Day: 8th March, 1767. Gregorij, the legitimate and natural son of adam and Johana, married Chiorgo(Čarga), born today, and baptised by me, Mr. Janez Krstnik Mužič, local vicar, when brought by his Godfather Simon Chiorgo(Čarga) from Vrhovlje, part of the parish Prapotno(Italy) and Ana Chiaboj(Kabaj) from Belo, part of the community Nozno.«

In the 19th century marriages and with them connected circumstances led to the changes of the surname from Kabaj to Sirk and nowadays Erzetič. As Jožef and Regina Sirk did not have their own children, their nephew Alojz Erzetič took over the estate after World War II. He was a very accurate, respected and most of all independant wine-grower. Even during the period of communistic ideology, he never sold grapes to the cooperative society cellar, which also proves his determination and firm will. Already at the beginning of the eighties, he started to bottle his own wines. The wheel of life turns fast. Alojz`s sons, Edbin and Dušan, willingly helped and worked on the farm already as children. Together with their father, they created the farm that we know today. Wine connoisseurs know that at Čarga`s only top-quality wines are bottled.


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