On the place where sun kisses the vineyards.
Where earth meets the sky.
Where power of knowledge of generations mingles with love.
Where tradition stands for responsability And work for freedom.






Goriška Brda is ahilly winegrowing region squeesed between the Soča Valley and the Friulian Plain. In fine weather the eye reaches all the way to the distant waves of the sea, wich seasons the fertile soil on its flysch bedrock with a mediterranean climate.

Some call Brda »Little Tuscany«. And they are right, too. Of course, with just over 2000 hectares of vineyards, it is not as large as the famous Italian region of wines and culture, but it resembles it in terms of idea and form. In Tuscany, however, the visitor has to drive for some time to get from one winemaker to another, but in Brda everything is more cluttered together. Small, likeable and attractive-like Slovenia itself.



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